Monday, June 26, 2017

The Power of Festivities

Sharing The Joy in Festive Celebrations

Apart from bringing extreme joy and happiness festivals in all colors cement relationship. They augur a new beginning, for some they may be auspicious for entrepreneurship, for some it is time for social bindings while many make most of the opportune moment for self realization to do well in all aspect of life. For some it is time for condescension for some it is reaffirming of belief and spiritual awakening for some it is time to express grief and gain strength. 

It is time to forgo and forgive, refresh and rejuvenate.  Let bygones be bygones!

Festivities contain diverse ambiance but central to it all is to nurture and preserve humanity. Simply spreading warmth is key to happiness and making others feel good. 

This is the time to let go chauvinism and intolerance. Remove hate, jealousy and discrimination. Diversity will prevail! 

Wow! & Vows go together and for good. Festive resolutions shape many characters. This is the time to empower self with honesty and rectitude. The warmth and gaiety augurs miraculous hope to the ailing and the depressed. Festivities are time for giving and realising the joy of giving. Acceptance, appreciation and sharing the diverse ecosystem we thrive in is crucial for our own well being. 

As a naturalist I understand diversity of life - human and of other life forms - it fetches nothing but extreme joy and faith in our beloved World.    

Celebrate humanity and nature we have inherited with positive mind. The End of  The World is nowhere near.  

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