Sunday, June 11, 2017

Provocation Politics A Dangerous Trend

Whenever there is an act of dissent, protest or related activity, political provocation surfaces. This is a politics of rank opportunism. The provocateurs hardly lose as they remain anonymous or slip incognito.  The eventual sufferers are the participants - usually indulging peacefully before instigation. The protests erupt vis-a-vis unfulfilled demand, local tragedy such as accident, natural disaster and often police high handedness. 

Albeit such acts have often been resorted to earlier of  late these provocations have become a tad too common. The provocation begins with the arrival of the members of a political party belonging to the opposition. This is done primarily to express sympathy. Instigation follows which often leads to extreme violence. If this is not the case  irrational opinion mongering or vocal support is vociferously propagated in the media - a popular tool. 

The former leads to violence and death of those involved, and could also result in rioting on a large scale leading to killings and pillage. Public property, small commercial establishments and residents of the poor are subject to destruction. In case of latter, seditious elements get encouragement from unfettered support to their anti-National ideology or rantings on guise of freedom of speech. The long term impact of such support could encourage sedition as well proclivity towards anti National activities leading to terrorism, insurgency and what not.

Are we witnessing a change in political culture in India?  Is the political paradigm taking a virulent form?

Many incidents in recent times stand as testimony to the changing scenario. The country needs strong opposition parties that keep a check on any over the board activities and policies of those in the helm that go against the salient principles of our constitution.  Far from providing mature opposition most of the political parties in India are resorting to small means and obfuscated rantings. And to make matters worse there is no dearth of fifth columnist in this country - so it seems.  

The actions speak of gross insensitivity towards the people.  Political popularity arises out of actions that discourage wrong doings and promise of sane, efficient meaningful governance. Indian voters are not a gullible mass and the election results speak lot about this fact. Crying wolf in not going to help. An issue does not draw attention from violence that dissent generates but through much peaceful means of addressing it.        

Mahatma Gandhi has already shown us the right approach, that is what we should keep in  mind whence dealing with contentious issues. Good governance should be appreciated while the negative should be opposed by peaceful means. Violence and aggression are deep seated  malaise that we should do away with. They augur nothing but have dangerous ramifications.        

The opposition has a vital role to play in Nation building. The is the best recourse that the parliamentary system accords us with. We should refrain from activities that point towards the subversive. Power is not a piece of cake that can be attained by just any means, winning votes through rightful approach is the way.     

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