Monday, June 5, 2017

According Voice to the Wrong Ones

Comparing our Army Chief with General Dyer is an instance of a perfidious mindset. The comparison reeks of pseudo-intellectual leaning of a person who it seems does not understand history, and is happy with a deliberate twist of facts which will turnout to be sensational news just as intended. 

Such remarks are deeds of abject folly. No person died when a man was tied to the jeep in Kashmir. The officer was merely preventing conflagaration of the situation in whatever way he deemed fit without bloodshed taking place. In a violent situations the security men do not like to take action that would lead to large number of deaths, but then they have to take an action which would discourage the rioters and augur peace.

What one thinks of the action is a different matter and many have voiced their opinion without fear. But here the comparison is what is absolutely absurd. It should be remembered that Dyer was responsible for hundreds of deaths. The said person is comparing a mountain with a molehill if the latter could be referred as that at all.  

Anyway India does not subscribe to demonic means of suppressing dissent, the Nation counters it in a civilized manner. Look at the separatists their voice has not been brutally silenced. It is a way forward since dissent or voice of opposition is part of a robust democracy, and those at the helm are accountable for a clean governance. But then there is a thin line that separates dissent or difference of opinion from sedition. Comparing our Army Chief with General Dyer of Amritsar Carnage could have security implications. 

Our immensely popular media  is a voice that does not fail to highlight the going on. But then it has to be careful especially about instances that give rise to jingoistic fervor. In their haste they may end up promoting an instance created by a person with wrongful intent for coming into limelight. The media has tremendous reach pan India and globally, and this could be used as a tool on the sly by subversive elements and for sending a wrong message or for self promotion. Dissenters or critics going overboard should never get publicity which could lead to instant recognition for these foul mouths. A news is a news and it should be kept that way.          

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