Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Non Traditional Energy Our Last Recourse

While the Paris Accord tamasha goes on with Trump's withdrawal from the crucial agreement. US with promise of major cut of co2 emissions was seen as a key player in the success of the agreement.

The Trump policies portray a regressive move back to increased production and use of traditional fossil fuels.

What will be the outcome of this betrayal it is too early to predict. Leaving US all other countries that have ratified are bound by the accord - a salient promise to bring down by their own contribution the disastrous phenomena of global warming. The aim is to bring down the rising global temperatures to below the pre industrial era levels.      

We all know the consequences of global warming but what would be fate of the World if it is not controlled.  

It all started with wood as fuel and large tracts of forests where eventually denuded. Extensive deforestation took place in some quarters during the medieval period resulting in shortage of wood for fuel. Coal emerged as a saviour for nations starved of energy. Animal products used as fuel were a limited stop gap arrangements and environmentally disastrous.

Discovery of petroleum was a major turnaround as a source of energy. Coal, petroleum and natural gas brought around transformation that appeared to be everlasting with seemingly an inexhaustible  supply. Well though we are still dependant upon these fossil fuels for our energy needs, the stocks are not inexhaustible. Worst is the after effect of these products as source of energy. The production of fuel guzzling cars should be limited and more environment friendly version the electric car should dominate the scene as early as possible.

Extensive mining for coal like other commodities results in large scale destruction of environment. So does the drilling of crude which is mostly found in the sea & desert lands with little forest cover. Carbon dioxide emissions are the major threat to our climate and we have already started noting their negative impacts globally.

Mitigate our carbon footprint or perish this could be end of the World we are waiting for. Well time is at our hand to rectify and restrain global warming to its minimum.           

Albeit there has been a search  for alternative energy sources like ethanol, hydroelectric, geothermal and renewable energy from wind and Sun, the reliability on fossil fuels does nowhere seem to have diminished yet

Countries sincere in reducing Co2 emissions are developing alternative means of generating energy. The most popular form of energy generation is the renewable form. Here impact on environment is practically negligible and there is no depletion of resource taking place.  Solar and Wind power generation are the most desired forms and are being harnessed.

Another form of generation considered to be clean and having no impact on the environment is nuclear energy but then this is mired in controversy. Anyhow countries are resorting to nuclear energy generation within their capacities.

Bringing down the cost of  installation of  wind turbines and solar panels is of utmost importance if we have to generate renewable energy in a big way. Technological strides are already taking place, but the cost is still prohibitive for widespread implementation. Large solar farms and windmills are being installed in order to generate forty percent of energy via such means in India

Ever country will have to do their bit if they wish the Earth to remain inhabitable for future generation accord or no accord.    

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