Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Worshipping Trees Rivers Animals Reptiles & Birds A Vedic Conservation Tool

Worshipping natural elements like rivers, mountains, animals, trees, reptiles and birds seems utterly insensible doesn't it?

Well if you have not been doing this get down to the insensible task without wait. For those with a dogmatic bend of mind this may be difficult to digest. Those who consider nature worship as primitive will never agree. 

Consideration of natural world should not be associated with any ism whence it is holistic. The Vedas have given us this deep understanding five thousand plus years ago, they have preached worship of divine in nature. Conservationist will equate this worship for preservation ethos which is an essential set of practices in order to save the Earth and its innumerable species - the other life forms. 

It does not take much to realise that we live in an ecosystem which comprises of a complex web of life intermingled as well as dependant upon natural abiotic elements. Our lives are much dependant upon these elements, hence the atonement should come much sooner than later. 

Worship is an  acknowledgement of the supreme truth as well as paying respect. Whence nature is creation of God than all that he has endowed us with should be worshipped or accorded deep respect making it worthy of preservation. For our own good!

Five thousand years back this truth dawned upon the Vedic Civilisations of northwestern region of the subcontinent. Purana, Upanishads and Sutra all espouse this cause. Hence elements of nature were classified with patriarchal & matriarchal entitlements that accorded a deep sense of reverence in the due course.

The ancient sacred texts simplify the concept of holistic nature worship using manifestations that highlight the value of elements on the planet. Living with nature has always been the way of life for homo sapiens, divergence from the way came due to disassociation with the wise texts. The result is there for all of us to see rampant urbanisation, pollution, global warming, hunger and disease.     

This (Vedic) was a simple system of according equity or value to elements of the web which play a major role in maintenance of equilibrium on this fragile Earth. The system does not try to explain the intricacies of preservation rather offers a pill coated with sugar. Why? Well all do not wish to go deep into scientific explanations or interpretations of phenomenons associated with Earth which are responsible for our survival.   

Odes and paens have constantly reminded people of this equity and so has numerous myths, legends and folklore in India. The rich and vibrant cultural past was endowed with compassion for other life forms precisely because of values inculcated by the ancients thoughts in the subcontinent.

Even religious teachings advocate this virtue of responsible living. Unfortunately rapacity has overtaken us, as a result earthly climate control is completely out of order, millions of species have become extinct or are on the verge, violence and chaos have taken over the planet and created an apocalyptic situation.       

From the Vedic civilisation has evolved many thoughts in the country which have flourished right into the contemporary era. This is associated with our inheritance and accords space not only to myriads of elements but diverse thoughts as well. This is what makes India a pluralistic society in true sense deciphered in simple terms it percolates down to live and let live.                   

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