Sunday, March 18, 2018

Analogy Aliens & Terrestrial Intrusions

The search for the esoteric aliens is an ongoing human endeavour, it is terribly exciting and completely trespasses boundaries of our imagination mired in colourful garb of cosmic dust. There is a wild goose chase for discovering alien life. The UFOs have taken us by storm, and the mysterious objects continue to enamour through the media.  Star Wars has completely engulfed our mind with highly evolved aliens travelling through the vast void that is the cosmic space in spaceships that are in-comprehensive for our mental faculties. They appear less destructive and often friendly and human. We have been brainwashed by exploits of Superman saving humans. He is from the outer space a different World. Superman has been able to conjecture a friendly image of superior aliens contrary to what we may experience in reality....if ever.     

Most of us have either not read or forgotten the War of Worlds by H.G. Wells and live in a Utopian dream of discovering benovalent extra-galactic life.

We are not alone! Ha!  

But do we realise the consequences of coming in contact with highly evolved extraterrestrial creatures. The event could be disastrous and may lead to extreme subjugation and even complete annihilation of man kind.

Lets draw an analogy in order to come to some startling facts and consequences that between exploratory humans with high technological abilities and resources and the less able.    

The exploratory quests or conquests have taken place throughout the recent history with objective being economic loot, missionic zeal and eventual settlement. The search for spices seems benign to the common man - a historical perspective that is completely misleading. 

We are well aware of what transpired under the guise. 

The arrival of Christopher Columbus on the North American shores and subsequent colonisation was by no means  a favourable event for the indigenous communities as we know very well. The  Spanish conquest of Southern America, the colonisation at hands of European powers not forgetting the sufferance for centuries in India and perhaps elsewhere at hands of Central Asian marauders - an extension of vicious and overpowering Arab Imperialism of that time.  

The indigenous communities or locals have been brutally ravaged and plundered by these incursions, their culture and religious identities have been completely or partially destroyed by the constant proselytism and foreign ideologies and cultures imposed hopelessly out of sync with indigenous historical evolution. Some were turned into economic slaves and exploited mercilessly for ages. The rest is scripted in the annals of history often containing badly eroded and manipulated facts. The passing of time has lead often to complete amnesia regarding ones roots and cultural/religious past. (But to be fair there have been instances of arrivals being inclusive or less destructive or even completely benign).

The events have been the harbinger of incorrigible instinctive slave mentality. The altered demographics have been instrumental in creating divisive tendencies between people of same genome and has often resulted in continued bloodshed and eventual division of lands. More so the impact of these conquests are still continuing in one form or other Worldwide creating constant upheavals. 

In short a heavy price has been paid by the locals due to the incursions of terrestrial aliens. Why all this will not happen with the arrival of extraterrestrial beings who can travel through bizarre incomprehensible maze of cosmic pathways from distance ranging from few to many extra galactic scales uncountable light years away. This certainly leads to them being highly evolved. 

The disparate technological superiority, advanced mental and physical abilities of aliens will result in complete subjugation of human society totally enmeshed in internecine conflicts. We will be like sitting ducks enslaved, exploited, subject to epidemics caused by foreign microbes, raped, plundered or even subject to genetic intrusions. 

Are we prepared? 

In spite of the technological advances we have yet not been able to explore our own Universe forget about reaching the extra-galactic cosmic realms. Our weapons may prove to be Diwali crackers whence faced with  those yielded by intruders from superior civilisations. Actually our imagination limit is the only succour at our disposal if we think of being attacked by aliens with violent or ravaging dispensation.        


Look what we have done to our natural World, the environment we have inherited, millions of beleaguered life forms facing mass extinction. The World anyway is slowly dying thanks to destruction of  habitats and the ecosystems contained within, the resultant climate change, water and food shortage, pollution and more is destroying us albeit slowly.  

With humans exploiting every inch of land as population grows, industrialisation advancing rabidly, improper resource utilisation taking place, and worst our greed for amassing wealth - the future of the Earth is doomed. Armageddon has become a reality.

Then why fear the aliens whence we have inherited such deadly instincts?                 

The inevitable will happen and the only recourse for us is to build new colonies on other inhabitable planets till we destroy that as well.                  

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