Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Vendor Politics - All Professions Are Respectable

Ridiculing a person for his profession in a classist manner using cheap invective is unbecoming of National level parties. This is not surprising at all since the citizens are very much aware of the degraded level of vote politics being played in the country. The people look forward to a strong opposition in the parliament as a means to strengthen democracy and not a grouping of people indulging in populism and unruly behaviour. 

This is also suggestive of the kind of people that come forward to manage the affairs in India. Well this certainly does not apply to one and all since there are many politicians of unquestionable repute in this country. But it is the proportion that matters, the participants with despicable thoughts, inclined towards corruption and are bound to be inefficient, roost the rule. This augurs bad for the country which is the largest democracy with a highly stable structure.    

Resorting to personal jibes in a manner not befitting of seasoned politicians has been a norm lately. The issue based approach does not apply to the politicians in this country. In their overzealous attempt to usurp political power all civilities are kept asunder much to the horror of the common man who is certainly not impressed.    

Opprobrium of lowest level are the highlights of the political campaigns. Insidious remarks, lowly vilification and slander marks the election campaign.

Nowhere is there an effort to bring forth issues that relate to the country neither is there an effort to highlight winning policies that the Nation desperately needs to come out of the quagmire of extreme poverty, illiteracy and phenomenal number of social anomalies that prevail. 

The meme deriding the "chaiwala" trade of our Prime Minister is nothing but a display of absolute arrogance. People in professions pertaining to small scale economy should not be an object of ridicule. To survive not all citizens of this country would be involved in professions pertaining to economy of high end scales. The instance is nothing but a National disgrace and people behind the episode should be taken to a severe task so that there is no repeat.

The apology does not mitigate the insult that has arisen out of this episode towards a person at an utmost respectable post. And if the instance has emerged from right under the nose of top figures in the party, it certainly would prove to be a negative impact on the outcome of the recent elections to be held.   

The ruling polity defines the meme as classist and anti poor and why not. Deriding a profession which appears lowly to some speaks only of an attitude not befitting politicians who could be managing the country in the future or are already doing it.

I think this embarrassing episode should remind politicians where they are heading. Citizens look desperately towards the country managers for solutions that would mitigate tremendous problems and difficulties that the common man is experiencing even after seventy years of independence.    

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