Monday, November 20, 2017

Padmavati - A Case of Surpassing Artistic License?

Well the title does not tells the truth, as the film has not been screened to the public. I have not seen it. May not see it, since I do not see films..often. 

Only a handful of people probably journalists and politicians have seen the film. A journo article I was reading in the local Hindi daily was nothing but praise for it. He was privileged enough to have attended the closeted premier. 

No one it seems has been able to gauge  the reason behind the eruption of massive protests in Rajasthan as well as all over the country. This keeping political opportunism aside. 

The one primary reason that I seem to understand is that the eruption of protests against the film as the Queen - adored by all of us - is being projected on the screen, perhaps relegating her to a commoner status. No one in his right mind would like the personae to be seen dancing or frolicking about like a commoner. This may sound chauvinistic but the sentence bespeaks true emotions of the masses of which I am one. But of what I have heard so far such sequences have been presented in a sanctified manner in the film?   

Another reason for the protests could be apprehension that the artistic license could have been crossed over surpassing the limit. Rumours always acerbate issues which is in the case of the film Padmavati.      

The media makes matter worse in spite of playing the constructive role of an eye opener and an educator. The puerile debates like questioning the very existence of the honourable queen is itself provoking.  

Sometimes Hindu Nationalist or Right bashing appears that Hindus in general are being subjected in guise for a gleeful ridicule. This is the work of pseudo secularist and opportunists with communal bend of mind.    

In democracy the right to protest is very much apparent, but violence and threats have no place in a civilised society.  People of this country should adopt a very broad and rationalistic outlook shunning aside old ideologues and dogmas impractical in the contemporary world.

But then there is an audience limit as is the artistic or expressive limit of the authors and creators. If you err by hurting sentiments of people by going recklessly overboard it could result in chaos, loss of life and property and what not.

I hope great director that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is has not erred, and has been circumspect enough in projection on the screen truth nothing but the truth.       

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