Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Where Are The Candles?

The dastardly attack on the pious returning from Amarnath Yatra has shocked the Nation. Killing of innocent people has always been a modus operandi of the terrorists, in this case operating at the behest of the enemy in order to fulfill its nefarious design.    

Albeit this is not an attack on minorities by the extreme right and the zealots which is a grave wrong anyway or perceived as a larger issue hence does not call for a National awakening (to many) in forms of wide scale protests or candle marches. But it does call for a voluminous expression.

If we fail to condemn forcefully then we indirectly justify horrific actions of those who kill the innocent with impunity. This  should be irrespective of caste creed or ethnicity of the victims.  Even if this does not trigger a reaction on larger scale we the people should express sympathy for the victims or anger against the perpetrators in order to voice against the heinous act, and simultaneously stress National solidarity.

The cowardly attack should be mourned at the loss of citizens of our country. Or are our lives come that cheap that here too chlata hai attitude applies. 

As a matter of fact those ignoring the majority aspects are indirectly justifying the attitude of the extreme right and encouraging religious autocracy in the country. A rational and balanced approach is required by those at the forefront. There are the pseudo intellectuals who ignore these facts which could result in a negative fall out, but do come out to bask in the limelight of whatever seems productive to them.  

That this dastardly attack on women and children does not bring ill repute to Kashmiriyat which is pluralistic in nature. In fact Kashmiris play a major supporting role during the Yatra.    

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