Friday, July 14, 2017

Saving Indian Wildlife - The Hard Way

If the need arise to kill poachers for heinous wild life crimes in and near our reserves it should be done so without hesitation. A nation that venerates cows should accord equal weight age to other life forms especially those which are highly vulnerable and on the brink of extinction. We are hopeful that our conservation ethos emanating from Vedas will accord more concern for other life forms.      

Recently there was a news in an online magazine criticizing shooting down of poachers in Kaziranga National Park which is acclaimed for Rhino conservation listed as vulnerable in IUCN red list. The species is critically endangered in India with most of its habitat lost to  human expansion and greed.  Rhinos are much wanted target of poachers for the value they carry. Albeit this action is taken by those authorized  as a last recourse but then there are no options left in such circumstances.    

Obviously the author of the report  does not believe in equating lives of other species with human life. She is not to be blamed since very large section of human society holds no reverence for other life forms, and does not value their life and does not  care for their survival on Earth.

Anyway we are least interested in souls lacking authority and genuine concerns raking controversies for sake of personnel gains pointing anomalies in our systems. Activism should be balanced with concern for all.  

This attitude is nothing but encouraging persecution of God's enigmatic creatures desperately making their last stand on a planet of which they are the rightful inheritors as well. 

The blame lies on human domination, a prerogative that is merciless on other life forms The destruction of Earth that is taking place more so in the recent times is due our human centered attitude at the cost of creatures big and small and their living space. One day we will also perish if we do not protect habitats and conserve wildlife with absolute regards.           

I have noticed on may occasions authorities shun action against those involved in wildlife crimes due to fear of local politicians, activist who do not care for our wilderness at all and yes the local thugs active in that region. In absence of protective umbrella from higher authorities lower staff is easily dominated by negative factors described here.  Political interference is at its peak in India, and some in power literally act as fascists. They have to be kept within the limits of their stipulated powers.  

In case of high valued trophies such as rhinos and tigers there is immense incentive to poach as they fetch a large price in the local and International markets. The poachers and smuggles are in total total disregard  of the laws shaped within the constitutional framework. Some of them are well trained and equipped with modern weapons and do not hesitate to kill those responsible for the protection of precious wildlife.  

The laws for protection of wildlife are lacking and provide easy maneuverability in the legal process due to plethora of lacunae and a system corrupt and inefficient. The cases take too long a time to come to a decision. All the factors pointed out here encourage poachers to go about their nefarious activities with impunity. Studying the tiger electrocution incidents at the hands of poachers will be a revelation for those interested in this matter.     

Species are being lost and whence the legal framework fails to punish and prevent it leaves no recourse but to go the hard way. Wildlife crimes lead to a vast network of International mafias which facilitate heinous crimes like terrorism and drug smuggling. If strong measures are not taken with strong will we will lose our environment as well allow loopholes used by the nexus that will be detrimental to our National security. The die is cast save the environment in totality or perish.             

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