Friday, August 25, 2017

None Above The Law

With the conviction of another guru as announced in the recent news, the law of the land has prevailed. Nobody is above the law, even the so called God men with mystical powers and prophetic ascendancy as many claim. The mass following is overpowering and the blessed (sic) assume autocratic powers and eventually commit heinous crime under the garb of the holy.

The religious/ideological zeal created by cults and some sects is able to sway masses into becoming overzealous and fanatical followers. Though many God men have been controversial - it is the followers of some that resort to violence creating a tremendous stress on law and order machinery, disrupting public life and even causing death of innocent.  

This problem is not peculiar to India since many such instances have happened overseas as well. The rise in radicalisation or extremism in many countries may not be attributed to mystical God men but nevertheless some local clerics are able to sway their followers using an equally or perhaps more vicious indoctrination. These rabid clerics are no less than God men, perhaps deadlier as they are legalised as head of a place of worship which has large number of followers. 

Due to fearful sanctimony that is created around religion or radical beliefs especially that which prevails around places of worship these harbingers of violence escape undetected in the initial stage.

The zeal is impressive and captivating and even the right thinking people are taken in initially. The truth emanates whence lot of damage has been done. Even at this stage political wranglings, fear of the masses, and the uncertainty of outcomes makes law agencies hesitate. Eventually whence the die has been cast action is taken. But by this time extreme damage has been done by radical indoctrination and eventual violence that is emitted by vile sermons and conversations of the wrong kind. 

When the matter escalates beyond control it becomes a threat to the Nation itself and sometimes even the integrity of the constitution is challenged. In case of dissent external elements are able to take full advantage of the situation creating further chaos and threat to stability.         

This is a warning for India, religious apparatus should never be allowed to enter the system of governance. Zealots should be kept at bay. Policies favouring religious or cultural systems eventually lead to vigilantism or religious autocracy which most often is violent and leads to death of innocent. Such ideological prevalence also threaten the fragile fabric of a diverse nature with many religions and sects flourishing in the country.

Legitimate religious practise, diverse as they may be should be protected as is the duty of the State.      

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