Monday, May 1, 2017

Has Salem Witch Trials Begun In India

Salem Witch Trials 

This was a trail against people supposedly practicing witchcraft in USA.  This was in the 17th century at Massachusetts to be precise.  The trial resulted in execution, hanging and death of many people supposedly practising witchcraft. 

Salem witch trial was example of Colonial America's mass hysteria.  The witch trials had taken place earlier too; and this phenomena occurred in Europe as well. Upon further reading, I discovered that these trials were the foundation of a secular America and theocracy as such was weakened.  What a paradox. 

Lynching, false allegations, intolerance, mass killings and so on can without hesitation be attributed to overzealous religious elements.  This is new to India, with cases of lynching over cow taking place quiet frequently...this phenomena exists in other extreme at many. 

This comes about with sudden religious revivalism, especially in countries where rulers ascribe to beliefs of the majority. This heartless attitude comes about due to feeling of past persecution or insecurity. This is the creation of political goons as well as the fanatical clerics bent upon seeing things through a blasphemous prism  or ascribing it all to desecration of the holy as in the case of lynching in India.        

This is further exacerbated by the failure of the law and order machinery, and myopia that the some of state bodies suffer from. 

Ignominy and shame are then heaped upon the Nation in global ecosystem. 

This is the price a pluralistic country will pay if religion encroaches upon governance. Let religion be a private affair practised in peace in an atmosphere of absolute harmony.     

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